INTERNATIONAL SHOW-Bohemia Dance Company represents a mosaic of music, costuming and culture from around the world. Our International Show attains the authenticity and dignity of the ancient cultures we represent, yet entertain audiences with a modern twist. Specializing in dances surfacing the globe, the variety to choose from is remarkable.

CONTEMPORARY SHOW-Captivate the essence of trendy, innovative and current dance forms in a dynamic and hip performance. Bohemia Dance Company’s Contemporary show blends fresh, original and modern components to create a unique production. Select from our collection of diverse and exhilarating presentations.


VERONIKA– Known for her expressive eyes and unforgettable magnetism, Veronika has captivated audiences around the world with her dynamic stage presence. Performing since the age of 4 , Veronika has showcased her mesmerizing talent all over North America, Europe and the Middle East. Possessing the ability to portray both ethnic and modern styles of dance with authenticity is what makes her so unique. In addition to teaching, choreographing, producing and performing, Veronika loves spending time with her supportive family and loved ones. To reach Veronika please call 818 590-2827.

ROSANNA– Originally from Toronto, Canada Rosanna was born to dance. Training in several styles at Nancy’s School of Dance from the age of 3, Rosanna began competing all over Canada and the U.S. winning “Female Dancer of the Year” at the American Dance Awards. She has also performed with several celebrities and international artists. Currently adding acting into the mix, Rosanna teaches, directs, choreographs and performs weekly all over LA County. Since moving to LA in 2001 Rosanna credits her pursuit to succeed to her family and friends. To reach Rosanna please call 323 578-7217.